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Leonard Andersson

Managing Director
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    • Business Growth

    Increased Technology Awareness

    Technology drives business more than any other force today, and in the future, it will continue to develop in dramatic ways – we understand this!

    While others glimpse and debate the details of future trends in IT & Telecom, we identify the drivers for you and your business area so that we can align the upcoming trends in technology with your needs and actively work to ensure the best outcomes for your organisation as a whole.

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    • Invests In You

    Your Own department

    As your business expands, the need to build and maintain systems that keep your business in the fore front of the competition increases and the day you require a proper IT department arrives.

    To find talented resources and keep a full organisation is often burden with cost and administration, get in touch with us and let us show you how we can help you! We invest time in your organisation to understand your business and challenges to fully align and support to grow your business.

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    • Technology Analysis &
      Strategic Management

    Harness Your True Potential

    It is clear that throughout the 21-century, competitive advantage, new‐product development, new markets, productivity and profitability will be tied directly to technology. Advances on the technology front are revolutionizing both mature and high‐technology industries, radically altering traditional business strategy and triggering dramatic shifts in global market share.

    Our method of working keeps you aware and up-to-date on how these new technologies and how they will impact your business so that you can take measures early to monetize on the new possibilities before the competition – we see every customer as a partner, no matter the size!

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    Selection of Brands We Work With

    We are vendor independent! This allows us to choose the best products for your need today and in the future, we are not biased– we analyze chose the best solution for you!

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    Sandi Reif

    Consultant Expert

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    Customer Retention Is The Cornerstone

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    We Are A Trusted Partner

    We Boost Our Your’ Bottom Line by Optimizing Your Growth Potential.

    Traditional industry leaders are already reeling from the impact of unprecedented global competition, as newly emerged world‐class competitors outperform them, once clear-cut industry lines are blurred – we understand the situation you are in, after all we all share it! Therefore, we don’t believe in maximizing our profit by milking your organisation for money but rather help you to grow and grow with you! This is why we are in ideal partner for you no matter where you are with your business!

    Why Work With Us
    We boost our clients to get more sales

    We Build Relationships

    We want to be seen as your own IT department, we invest our own time in understanding your business and how we can best support you with your business goals. We don’t believe in locking you down, we are here for the long game and work with you closely to find new way to reduce cost or unlock growth

    Proprietary Processes

    Lots of people make paj, but nobody does it quite like grandma! A proprietary process is like grandma’s secret paj. Our joint proprietary process has the same effect, it is our “secret recipe” for how you get results for your customer – nothing is left to chances with us!

    “The team at Occasium is fantastic! They helped us improve our network and IT. We have opened up a new department with 3D imaging due to their progressive approach.”

    Noran DeBasso

    CEO – Svea Tandklinik

    Let’s Make Things Happen

    Get in touch with me and my team today so that we can find the best strategy for you and you organization, I’m proud to say that we do not work as a traditional ICT-Supplier and my team will show you how we differ from our friends in the business – and if you have any questions, I’m just a call away!

    “Coming from an entrepreneurial family, I have seen what it takes to become successful with your business and also the obstacles you face every day – I started Occasium to reduce the biggest challenge companies face today: IT, Telecom and resources. With these three cornerstones we can support your every need, I built a company that I wished was there for my parents when they where starting up!”

    Leonard Anderson

    Managing Director and Partner

    Leonard Andersson

    Managing Director
    +46 (0) 10 585 86 70

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